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Residential, Commercial and Retail Construction
and Renovation Consulting Services


Are You Starting a Renovation project large or small acting as you own contractor?

Are you out of state investing in property in the Lake Oconee,GA area and looking for an
independent third party to help consult on renovation?

Are you a current homeowner or business owner who is tackling a renovation or new project with a contractor and want someone in your corner to help oversee the process?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then contact Rock Eagle Consulting now!

Rock Eagle Consulting offers residential, commercial and retail construction consulting services to help guide you through the construction process. With 35+ years of experience we are qualified to help walk you through the phases of  building a new home or renovation. Expertise in all types of construction , Retail and commercial renovations , Store Fixtures and cabinetry. Residential renovations from interior to exterior in ground pools , concrete work and landscape. Think of us as a friend who has construction knowledge and is there to guide and advise you.

We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Consultation on construction bids – we can point out areas that may be left out, overcharged, and/or undercharged in a contractor's proposal.
  • Allowances – most contractors place allowances on things like countertops, flooring, tile, cabinets, and various other finish-out items. Many times the contractor doesn't place enough in these allowances in order to lower the overall cost of a contract. This results in overages in allowances that the homeowner becomes responsible for. We can inspect the allowances based on the design concept of the project and help in avoiding this common pitfall.
  • Consult on the design process – we point out ways a homeowner may tweak a design to provide cost savings to a project without sacrificing the overall look and feel of a project. Value Engineering!
  • Walk-through – we will point out potential issues that can affect the quality and cost of the project. Pointing out these issues can save days of additional work and ensure inspections are passed.
  • Changes orders – change orders are common and extremely frustrating. The Rock Eagle will review change orders to determine if they should be part of the original contract scope and if charges are reasonable. Many times a contractor will inflate change orders to gain profit and/or make up for losses.

Rock Eagle Consulting can provide the above services on a per hour basis or by using a contract price.

1) Per hour consultation services – at $ 35.00 per hour ( two hour minimum per local visit) can be beneficial if assistance is only desired for specific parts of the construction process (i.e. design,value engineering, punch lists, etc.). 

2)Contract price – using a 5% of  contract price agreement ensures that you are consulted from beginning to end – design, permitting, build process, inspections, move in, and acquiring lien releases. Walkthroughs with the client during the build process to help with eliminating delays and cost overruns are also included when choosing to retain our services with a contract price.

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